OFA Scholarship through AMLA Membership

Members of the AMLA are also able to apply for the Ohio Fraternal Alliance Scholarship Program in 2016. Review the information below:

Ohio Fraternal Alliance 2017 Scholarship Program

The Ohio Fraternal Alliance award 3 $500 college scholarships to graduating high school seniors.

Scholarship applications may be obtained from:

The Ohio Fraternal Alliance website: www.ohiofa.org
Call Robert Tiell at (h) 419-595-2756 (c) 419-934-0227 or by e-mail: RobertStiell@AOL.com

Scholarship Applicant Requirements

1. Applicant must be an Ohio resident. They must be a current member of a fraternal society belonging to the Ohio Fraternal

2. Applicant must be a 2017 high school graduate.

3. Applicant must submit a minimum 150 word essay entitled: "How I'm Involved in My Fraternal Society & Its Future"

4. Applicant must submit a list of the following activities:
Church related activities, Fraternal Society activities, and Community (non school) activities.

5. Applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from their local Society officer.

6. Essay, all activities, and letter will be judged. Completed application must be submitted by MARCH 15, 2017 and mailed to:

OFA Scholarship Committee
C/O Robert Tiell
6290 S. Twp. Rd. 25
Alvada, Ohio 44802

Download Official OFA Scholarship Application

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