The Tradition Continues...

AMLA The American Mutual Life Association, a fraternal benefit society governed by its members, conceived more than 105 years ago as the Slovenian Mutual Life Association. The organization was started by Slovenian immigrants who believed that together, they could provide for and protect their families in their new home, the U.S.A. Perhaps,

in the tradition which inspired Thomas Jefferson in his writing of the Declaration of Independence,

these immigrants formed their fraternal benefit society with “bottom up” leadership, just as their ancestors did with the installation of the Dukes of Carinthia. Jean Bodin famously noted in his Treatise on Republican Government (1576) that this form of democracy was “unrivaled in the entire world” (source).

Today, the tradition continues. A fraternal benefit society like the American Mutual Life Association is an entity that is governed by its members. While the AMLA sells life insurance and annuity products and is licensed and domiciled in the State of Ohio, it is also required by its mission to perform benevolent acts—both for its members, and the surrounding community.

Be a part of this strong tradition. Membership in the AMLA is simultaneous with the purchase of life insurance. To find out more, contact the AMLA by calling 216-531-1900, or by e-mailing .

Photo: Leopold von Wien - Österreichische Chronik von den 95 Herrschaften (Public Domain)

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