"Slovenian Inventors and Innovators"

Prof. Edi Gobetz (spelled "Gobec" in Slovenian) was honored for his dedication to researching the innovations led by people of Slovenian heritage. The American Slovenian Education Foundation (ASEF) held their annual ASEF Gala in Cleveland this year in his honor. Below is a video in which he describes his inspiration for his book "Slovenian American Inventors and Innovators"

AMLA Lodge 8 Member, Professor Edward Gobetz, has made it his life's work to preserve the history of Slovenians around the world. His latest work, published in Slovenian, and now published in English by Druzina d. o. o., focuses on Slovenian Americans and their contributions to modern society.

Professor Gobetz is professor emeritus from Kent State University and founder of the Slovenian Research Center of America (SRCA) with his wife Milena (also an AMLA Lodge 8 Member). Together, they have been compiling information on various inventors and innovators who have contributed to some of the best known devices of our time.

The title "Slovenski-ameriski izumitelji in inovatorji" translates (roughly) to "Slovenian American Inventors and Innovators". The book provides information on more than 100 influential people who were vital to the development of such things as the first pocket-sized scientific calculator to the manufacture of the jumbo-jet, the Boeing 747-and many amazing devices in between.

This book, which was first printed in Slovenian, is now also published in English. Look for a 2016 summer release.

In the meantime, Professor Gobetz has been receiving publicity over the publishing in Slovenia. The Slovenian publication "Sinfo" ran an article featuring the book and successful publication.

We congratulate Professor Gobetz and his wife Milena on a job well done, to a degree that has become their signature. The duo have published more than a dozen books which include historical anthologies and language manuals. This latest work is a hard-bound with a beautiful design that would be equally elegant on a shelf as on the coffee table.

The book contains pictures and stories which would likely surprise many of us who would not have considered the heritage connection of some of the fore-runners to so much modern technology.

The book is not all about the past either. It also lays the ground work for the future of technological advancements by introducing a collection of inventors and innovators who are perhaps just beginning to leave their mark on the world. A quick stroll through the book will leave you with an impression that not only was there much that was accomplished by Slovenian Americans, but there is much that is likely to come in the future.

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