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Fraternalism Is Alive & Well

By Tim Percic (President of the AMLA)

Almost 5 years ago, I wrote a synopsis of "Fraternalism" that got a lot of attention. Mostly because I referred to "Fraternalism" as the F-word that gets thrown around a lot here because the AMLA is a fraternal benefit society. That F-word, “Fraternalism” is a word that has fallen out of the vernacular mostly because it feels like something that requires work, or is something only our grandparents think about. But thanks to the AMLA, this word gets some extra consideration.

AMLA Remembers United Americans for Slovenia

Article by AMLA Lodge 9 Member, Joe Valencic

"Slovenian Inventors and Innovators"

Prof. Edi Gobetz (spelled "Gobec" in Slovenian) was honored for his dedication to researching the innovations led by people of Slovenian heritage. The American Slovenian Education Foundation (ASEF) held their annual ASEF Gala in Cleveland this year in his honor. Below is a video in which he describes his inspiration for his book "Slovenian American Inventors and Innovators"

Generosity of AMLA Member Family Adds to Scholarship Program

2016 AMLA Scholarship/Grant Program Updates

Updates Made, New Scholarship Added to AMLA Program

The AMLA Scholarship and Grant Program for 2016 is upon us, and we have some exciting developments! First, the values of the named scholarships, Anna Mae Mannion and Dr. Rudolph M. Susel Scholarships, have been increased to $2,000 each and $2,500 for the Frank Lausche Scholarship (sponsored by the Frances and Jane S. Lausche Fund).

AMLA Annual Children's Christmas Party

Once a year, on a Sunday in December, the Slovenian National Home on St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland is transformed into what can only be described as a Christmas wonderland. The AMLA Children’s Christmas Party is
a 3,000 square foot model train and remote control toy display, Santa on stage taking pictures with children, and gifts for registered AMLA Members ages 0-15, --all rolled into one to make this event a memory of a lifetime

Lodge 9 - Blanket Party

Members of AMLA Lodge #9 gathered to make "no stitch" blankets to give to those in need. The group made blankets to give to Altercare in Mayfield Village, Ohio, an assisted living facility, and "Maggie's Place" which operates the Zecharia House in Cleveland, Ohio, which helps pregnant women in difficult situations. Watch the video--

How A 25-Year Old Can Make A $Million

Anyone who is 20-25 right now will not be able to count on a generous pension to ease their retirement. They are, however, in the best position to do something about that. Fresh out of college or trade school every 20-something should embrace this mathematical concept: compounding interest.

Compounding interest is the simple formula that increases wealth rapidly. It occurs when the interest that accrues to an amount of money, in turn, accrues interest itself. It is at the heart of how institutions make money, and if you know this, you can cash in—especially at your age!

What the heck’s an Ibex?!

AMLA is a member of the AFAMany commercial insurance companies employ the likeness of elk, pigs, geckos, camels, humped-back whales—the list goes on, so you get the picture. The AMLA functions in many ways like commercial insurers, so why not put some of Mother Nature’s finest to work for us?

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