Many definitions of “fraternal” involve the words “friendly” or “brotherly”. Fraternalism is by that definition is a behavior that conveys friendliness. In many respects it is an acknowledgement of the humanity of others. This is a fundamental element of a strong community. Fraternalism is a word used to describe the acts of kindness carried out by fraternal benefit societies like the AMLA. The acts are not grandiose in nature. In fact, they are often the subtle acts of goodness happening that go unnoticed by the recipient, keeping the gratification to the giver genuine.

A fraternal benefit society like the AMLA returns a portion of its annual income to Members and the community in the form of "fraternal benefits". For Members, these benefits include family events, discount tickets to shows and sporting events, and educational scholarships and grants. For the community, the AMLA aids the needy through drives for food and other items, participates in and promotes volunteer opportunities in the community, and supports community groups helping those in need.