For a limited time, purchase an AMLA Single Premium, Whole Life Policy with a face value of $10,000 or greater for a proposed insured who is between ages of 0-19 and the AMLA will add a $10,000 Juvenile Term to Age 30 Policy for no additional charge.*

That means an additional $10k of coverage for no additional cost!

As the cost of everything seems to be going up, the AMLA wants to protect young people...for less. Life Insurance is not the first thing you think to buy for a child, but it is important—and more affordable with this offer!

Some features of the AMLA Juvenile Term to Age 30 Policy:

  • Designed for applicants aged 0-25

  • Term Life Insurance with Conversion Credit at Age 30

  • Convert to a Whole Life Policy at age 30 with No Medical Exam for up to the policy amount

Some features of the Single Premium Whole Life Policy:

  • Single premium payment and life insurance is in force for life (or until surrendered)

  • Cash Value grows over the life of the policy

  • Possibility of dividends which are a "return of premium"

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