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The American Mutual Life Association (AMLA) is a fraternal benefit society with a mission to provide financial products for the benefit of its Members and to work to do good in the communities in which the Members live and work.
We sponsored the Slovenska Pristava "Proud to be Slovenian Day" event on June 25th at Slovenska Pristava (Harpersfield, OH) in part because the AMLA was once known as the “Slovenska Dobrodelna Zvesa”. It had this name because 113 years ago, a group of Slovenian immigrants started the organization. The AMLA became essential to helping immigrants establish themselves in the USA, their adoptive homeland, without forgetting the traditions of their homeland. Thus, part of the AMLA’s Mission is still to preserve the traditions of Slovenia here in the USA.
Becoming a Member of the AMLA is achieved with the purchase of an AMLA Life Insurance and/or Annuity Policy. With that, Members become part of a group of people working to provide family-friendly events, financial stability, and a more vibrant community---in some of the same ways as Membership in Slovenska Pristava is essential to preserving Slovenian traditions like “Proud to be Slovenian Day”.
We see our organizations as working toward the same goal, which adds to our excitement to help out.

To find out more about the AMLA and its products and services, you can reach out to an AMLA Licensed Agent for a free, no obligation consultation. You can:


Call: 216-531-1900

Our team of dedicated Members are available generally from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and by appointment.

The AMLA is licensed and domiciled in the State of Ohio as a life insurance provider. It is operated by Members, for Members, eager to share with you the benefits of being a part of this organization.